Students in our Intermediate Clothing Construction class were able to hear from Sarah Veblen, a fashion industry star. She is based in the Baltimore area and works as a custom clothing designer, teacher, and writer. She has visited with our students before. There is a recap here.

Sarah’s work lead her to become an expert on fit. She shares her experience in her book, The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting.

Throughout Sarah’s talk she discussed how a person’s sense of style is established and evolves. Lifestyle, body type, personal comfort levels, and silhouette all combine to create an individual’s sense of style. She notes that style is often difficult for people to figure out. She encouraged our students to try out things and consider what works and what can be improved upon.

Sarah loves “the chase.” She encourages students to make a lot of garments, even those that seem like they aren’t going to work. For Sarah, as a professional, she admitted it took creating about eight jackets before she found a combination of silhouette, fabrication, and inner construction that suited her.

In addition, she encourages students that a very useful technique is to appreciate when a garment is finished. First, be proud of what you created. Consider what went well and  what fabrications, inner construction, or silhouette worked well. Lastly, consider what could have been done differently so that the process could have gone even better. It is in this evaluation that one learns so much and is able to improve on his or her next reiteration. She says this process will feed your motivation to keep creating.

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your enthusiasm and expertise!