We recently met up with current student, Samaher Bayyari and heard about her fashion goals. Samaher “Sue” earned a degree in fashion several years ago. Her past experiences started with working for a jewelry designer. The next year she was fortunate enough to be sponsored by her community to travel to the Middle East. That trip lead her to develop a clothing line in 2007. Her line, Zaynini meaning “make me beautiful,” received many accolades including a mention in Forbes magazine. Sue was also distinguished as a Top 20 in her 20’s in Detroit, MI in 2009. Later she opened her own boutique in Michigan. Shortly after that she relocated to the Bay area with her husband’s work.

For a while, fashion took a back seat. She welcomed a son in 2012. About two years ago in 2013, she felt the drive to focus on fashion again. In all, Samaher has been privileged to take 6 trips to the Middle East. With a renewed purpose of combining her love of fashion and children, she has been working with displaced women in refugee camps to have them embroider onto various children’s pieces.

Embroidery is important to her because of the history of the art form. She also has many fond memories of the embroidery on her own grandmother’s clothing. The stitches used incorporate designs that symbolize food, flowers, and more importantly, to Samaher, a way of life. She hopes to have product ready to sell for her new children’s line, Olive Green Kid, soon.

Samaher is working to complete the Custom Dressmaking/Small Business Certificate. She credits her education as the ultimate resource. Samaher continues to network and learn new skills in as many roles as she can as she gains experience. In particular, at Cañada she is working to improve her sewing skills. “You have to know it all,” she says, “to be successful in this industry.”

Here are some images of Samaher’s samples, embroidery that inspires her, and treasured embroidery pieces worn by her grandmother.