We recently celebrated with Ha Nguyen as she became an American citizen. Ha’s story at Cañada began four years ago, in 2011. She moved to the US from Vietnam with her son and husband for his work. After the move, she began taking classes in the ESL department at Cañada College and learned of the Fashion Design and Merchandising Department.

In Vietnam, Ha worked tirelessly to help support her family. She worked in a variety of industries like cooking and sales. She has always had a love for fashion and her face immediately lights up when she’s talking about fashion. In Vietnam, she taught herself skills in cutting and pattern drafting, but never learned how to sew.

As she grew more confident in her ability to use English, she asked Ronda Chaney, our department chair, if she would be able to take Tailoring. With Ronda’s encouragement to sign up for the course, Ha’s determination to not let language be a barrier, and her classmates unending willingness to help, Ha succeeded in Tailoring. She is currently working towards a Certificate in Custom Sewing/Small Business and hopes to add a Technical–Apparel Industry Oriented certificate as well.

Ha beams when talking about the skills she has gained in the classroom. When asked what her favorite project or class has been, she can’t decide. She truly does love it all. Ha has not only learned to sew, but she has also gained a great group of friends in her classmates. She is grateful for their encouragement and help as she prepared for her residency interview and how they celebrated her citizenship with cupcakes!

Ha Nguyen Citizenship Celebration

As Ha finishes up her degrees, she plans to work with for someone else and eventually start a small custom sewing business in the future. Congratulations to Ha, and we wish you much success in the future!

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