This report from the University of Missouri, shows that Community College and For-Profit College Graduates Earn the Same Interest from Employeers. Since our students are primarily looking for career placement, we wanted to share about the degree programs offered through the Cañada College Fashion Design and Merchandising Department.

We encourage all of our students to focus on completing a certificate or degree as they take classes in our program. We are quite fortunate in being able to offer four different degree options. Certificates are granted for those students that take the required Fashion Design and Merchandising Courses only. Degrees are offered for those students that have another degree or are taking the other general education classes as required by Cañada College in addition to the Fashion Design and Merchandising Department required courses. Feel free to contact us if you would like to meet and discuss degrees and certificates.

The four options we have are listed here with each Fashion Design and Merchandising Course required.

Technical: Apparel Industry Oriented: focuses on those skills needed for working in the industry.

Custom Dressmaking/Small Business: focuses on those skills needed for creating a small businesses.

Theater Costuming: focuses on those skills needed to for working in costume design.

Fashion Merchandising: focuses on those skills needed for working in fashion retail and management.

Many of our students have opted to earn multiple certificates/degrees since several of the required courses overlap.

Look here to view some of the career choices our students have taken.