This Spring our Fashion Merchandising (FASH 151 CRN# 40507) course will be online. The course will meet in the classroom on Monday, January 25 from 3-6pm to talk about the syllabus and the course expectations. After that the class is online with 3 scheduled field trips in the Bay Area on the following Tuesdays from 3-6pm: February 23, March 22 and April 26.

On Mondays at 10am Professor Schneider will post the week’s schedule and everything that needs to be done. For example, there are reading assignments from the textbook, PowerPoint presentations connecting to the textbook, discussion forums, movies to watch, quizzes and homework assignments. Most assignments will need to be submitted by Friday midnight, so students can work on their own pace. Professor Schneider would recommend checking in early in the week, again in the middle of the week and finalize assignments towards the end of the week. She notes that discussions are an ongoing thing and students will need to post their opinion and reply to a few other students posts throughout the week. “It will be fun!” she promises.

During the whole semester the students have to work on a final project and every week Professor Schneider will talk about one aspect of that. Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to finish sections of the final project, one piece at a time. This final project is very important and counts a lot towards a student’s grade in the course. For that reason, Professor Schneider will have fewer tests or quizzes, or a midterm.

The big advantage of an online class is that students can work from anywhere they want as long as they have internet. Early morning, late at night, any day of the week. Students don’t have to drive to Cañada. They can stay in their pajamas and become a fashion merchandiser – hopefully by the end of the course, however, students will have outgrown wearing their pajamas and dress like fashion professionals! Professor Schneider wants to reach as many interested students as possible without any excuse of commute, day jobs, family schedules, vacations etc.

For further questions about this course, please contact us.

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