We were excited to connect with DeAnne Appleton a former student about her life after the Cañada College Fashion Design and Merchandising Department.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD):
What certificates did you earn from Cañada?

DeAnne Appleton (DA): Custom Sewing and Theater Costuming

CFD: You are a sewing educator. Please tell us about your students and work.

DA: Since I teach both privately in my home and for Palo Alto Adult School (since 2005) my students are very diverse.  They range in age from 8 to 85! They have come from many, many countries: Spain, France, Israel, China, Taiwan, Bhutan, Croatia, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, and of course, the USA! Their interests run far and wide and include: designing and sewing doggie clothes and stuffed bunnies, hemming jeans, sewing garments from patterns, making curtains, pillows, tote bags and quilts, and copying a very favorite, well-worn shirt!

My students are young singles, moms, dads, nannies, high tech engineers, MBA’s, MDs, and even attorneys! One student was able to share with the class the mathematical equations that represented the sewing principles I was presenting.

Then there are the children!  The 8, 10, and 16 year olds who are experimenting and discovering how these flat pieces of fabric can become pajama bottoms!  One little girl randomly “meowed” whenever the spirit moved her!  Another sewed her skirt together at the hem, horrified, realizing she would never be able to wear it. She instantly met her “new BF,” the seam ripper!  We each ripped stitches. She re-stitched the hem, being careful to stitch only the appropriate layers.  She was so proud of her skirt when it was done!  She then made matching hair accessories!

CFD: What is your favorite part of your job?

DA: I love the variety of students with whom I get to work. I love sharing my passion for sewing with others! I love solving the technical problems students’ projects and design ideas produce. I love my students’ excitement when they see their ideas fabricated, come to life; when they realize they have made “it” with their own hands! I view a lot of my teaching time as “improve-theater;” constantly needing to think on my feet, answer questions quickly and thoroughly for students of many differing levels of experience and understanding.

CFD: What is your ultimate fashion-related goal?

DA: I’m very, very lucky!  I’m doing what I love to do within the “fashion industry!”  It is a complicated and intricate industry and I really feel I’ve found my niche!

CFD: What advice do you have for current students?

DA: Learn absolutely everything you can while you’re in the Canada Fashion Department. The more you know, the more you are exposed to, the more flexible you will be when working within the industry!  Take all the classes you can, even when you think they “won’t matter to you!”  I did and I can’t tell you how much I find myself calling on that information!  Plus, even when I may not recall some specific detail, I know where to find what I need!

You can check out DeAnne’s site here. The images below are from her site.

Thank you, DeAnne. We wish you continued successes!