We caught up with Blanca Guizar a former student that earned our Custom Dressmaking and Technical certificates. She’s been quite busy with internships, work and starting her own company. We thought you’d enjoy hearing about her work.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): What are your long term fashion goals?

Blanca Guizar (BG): My long term fashion goals are to create a successful fashion clothing line. I would also like to leave a long-lasting positive impact in the fashion industry. My short-term goal is to create an online store to sell my own designs and get some actual experience and insight of how the market reacts to my designs. Once I become established, I’ll try to open a physical store to sell my products. Lastly, I want to be a fashion designer that continues innovating in the fashion industry and inspires younger generations.

CFD: Tell us about your internship. What did you learn? What were you surprise about?

BG: My internship at Xiao, Inc. was an exhilarating experience. Believe it or not, during this internship, I learn that school work (homework) is harder than actual work in real life. For me, this was the best fruitful lesson I learned.

During my internship at Xiao, Inc., I worked mostly as a pattern making and CEO’s fashion assistant. However, the most exciting of those two positions was pattern making because it demanded the most of me: creativity, imagination, and consistency. I found that these are key qualities for success in fashion design. One thing you have to take into account or consider is that when you work for someone else you have to keep the designer’s own style. This internship helped me experience several different scenarios that I might encounter when I become an entrepreneur, and my own boss in fashion.

CFD: Tell us about the travel you got to experience with your internship?

BG: The CEO and owner of Xiao, Inc. saw my interest and curiosity in the fashion industry, and she invited me to a textile show in Los Angeles. I gladly accepted. This textile show is basically to show business owners and manufactures the new fabrics that are coming out for the next season. What I learned from this trip was that you need to be prepared. For instance we took our sketches to help plan the fabrics we would need for the next season, so we didn’t end up overbuying fabrics that we didn’t need and could have left us over expended.

I also talked to some sale representatives of companies that make logos, hang tags, zippers etc…, which are basically there to guide you if you ever decide to start your own company.

Also, in March 2015, I had to the opportunity to go to the Stitch and Magic Show at Las Vegas. This was, I think, the best opportunity for me to see real designers and entrepreneurs, some starting and some already established, selling their clothing lines and garments to sale representatives of big store corporations, such as Nordstrom, Gap, Macy’s, and Kohl’s etc…

At the Stitch and Magic Show I met some of the some of the most prestigious designers that make and design clothes for famous actors in Hollywood and even saw big brands, such as La Coste and Calvin Klein filming commercials for products coming out for summer 2015. This was a great experience for me to meet and talk to lots young designers from all over the world, which got me more inspire and motivated to continue working on my designs.

CFD: What are you currently doing?

BG: Currently, I am working on a plus size bathing suit collection line. For this project, I created three different styles, which at present are already manufactured and ready to sell. **Note that Blanca will be a designer selling her swimwear at our Artistry in Fashion event.

CFD: How did your classwork at Cañada prepare you for your current job and your internship?

BG: Canada College gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to apply for my internship at Xiao, and I’m grateful for that. Even though, fashion is not my full-time job yet, the projects, real experience from my teachers, and the instruction has helped to keep alive my dream as fashion designer. Thanks to the class-work from all my classes at Canada, I think and feel more than ever prepared to start my own company.

Thank you, Blanca. We look forward to hearing about your future successes!