We thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Sarah Bunje, our accessory stylist. Now it is, Stacy Harris, our apparel stylist’s turn to share her experiences in styling, Artistry in Fashion, and beyond. Enjoy! Better yet, come see them in action on Saturday at 10am. Check out the Artistry in Fashion website for more details and a coupon!

Canada Fashion Department (CFD): What is your background in fashion and how does that help in preparing the stylist show?
Stacy Harris (SH): Shortly after receiving a BA in Politics from NYU in 1999, I joined the women’s buying office of Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and then moved into wholesale as ETRO’s Director of Sales for women’s Ready to Wear and Accessories in North America.  I left NYC in 2009 to focus on raising my young children, which included a move to Northern California but continue to stay connected within the industry and constantly style my friends and family.

CFD: What is the most rewarding part of the experience?
SH: Seeing so many moving parts come together with everyone involved having fun all for the benefit of the designers and department.

CFD: Are there any tense moments? Or humorous ones?
SH: It’s a little tense when we first bring the garments back and start figuring out who will wear which ensemble.  It’s a very fluid process as I am not really aware of who is going to wear what until close to show time.  Sometimes, deciding who will wear what is humorous.  We don’t always get it right on the first try!

CFD: How do you decide what to select?
SH: Since there are so many fabulous things to choose from the 65+ vendors, I try to present current season trends as I make my ready to wear selections.

CFD: How is it working with each other? How do your ideas work together?
SH: It’s great working with Sarah.  We really only see each other in passing until we bring all of our selections into the classroom about 45 minutes prior to show time and then we get to work, always somehow managing to incorporate the beautiful accessories that Sarah chooses into the final looks.

CFD: You have many Cañada fashion students as volunteers, from models, to runners and more. How are the students prepared for the task?
SH: Absolutely, they are incredible!  There wouldn’t be a show without the amazing assistants and models.  They are helpful, energetic, flexible and inspiring! This is my 5th consecutive year as a stylist and my first question is always, will I be working with Judy and her wonderful team.

CFD: How does this experience help students expand their fashion education?
SH: I think it shows them how fast paced, intense and dynamic an industry fashion can be and it is great real life experience with a high level of detail, organization, efficiency and professionalism.  These are all critical elements required to succeed within the wholesale and merchandising segments.

CFD: After the stylist show what is your favorite activity at Artistry in Fashion?
SH: I love seeing how many audience members head off to buy items they saw during the showcase as well as receiving positive feedback from the featured designers.  I must admit that I also enjoy going back to purchase the items I put on hold along the way!

Thank you Stacy. You certainly bring a lot of your talents and experience to the Cañada College Fashion Design and Merchandising Department as a stylist at Artistry in Fashion as well as a member of our Advisory Board. Thank you!