What better way to learn about a class, than from the instructor. Here’s a note from Judy Jackson about one of her Fall courses, Apparel Analysis. This class meets Wednesdays from 12:10pm-3:00pm.

This coming fall semester, our department will be offering the Apparel Analysis class for the first time in over a year. I’m often asked about the class, and what it involves, as sometimes the title can be confusing. But truth be told, it’s actually a very accurate description of the class. We do, indeed, analyze ready-to-wear clothing, in order to understand how it is designed, marketed and sold. In doing so, we learn how to discern quality and value in ready to wear clothing. There are aspects of this class that touch on topics taught in other classes: we learn a little history, about the types and names of fabric, and about the design and production cycle for ready to wear clothing. But we also cover things that you won’t learn in any other class: style terminology, stitch types, seam types, and where each are appropriately used. Anyone who plans for a career in design or merchandising will learn the terminology that they will need in order to properly communicate with other professionals in the industry. But most of all, you will learn what goes into a well made garment, even if you have never sewn one. This will prepare you to be a wise consumer of retail goods, whether you are planning to design them or market them. I think you will find this an invaluable class, and I hope you can join me this fall!

Judy Jackson

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