We recently met up with current student Lauren Mattos. She is applying to transfer to Long Beach State or Cal Poly Pomona. She just got accepted into Pomona as an Apparel Merchandising & Management Major. Congrats, Lauren! We are excited to see where the future takes you.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): What degree/certificate are you working on?
Lauren Mattos (LM): I am working on my Fashion Merchandising certificate.

CFD: What are your ultimate goals going through our program?
LM: My goal with this program is to learn as much as possible about fashion so I can take that knowledge with me when I transfer.

CFD: What has been your favorite project? Why?
LM: It’s hard to pick a favorite out of the many amazing projects. I would say I had the most fun designing my own collection in Kathleen McCarney’s Principles of Design class. It was a good insight into what designers get to do and a good opportunity to learn how to correctly portray/draw the clothing.

LM Collection
Here is Lauren’s Collection from Principles of Design.

CFD: Anything else you’d like to add?
LM: I would like to add that this program is amazing; all the teachers are so kind, knowledgeable, and they love to see you succeed. Taking the fashion classes at Cañada helped me realize how much I love fashion. I have learned things that I will use for the rest of my life!