We are so pleased to have Linda Lee of The Sewing Workshop be our guest speaker at Artistry in Fashion this year. She develops sewing patterns, writes for industry publications, has written several books, and teaches in many venues around the country. Did you read her article in the March edition of Threads magazine?

Linda’s designs will come to life on the stage as she shares some garments she has created from The Sewing Workshop Patterns. We can’t wait to see the show. Linda and her crew recently had fun learning techniques that can be used in re-purposing fashions during an Alabama Chanin Studio Weekend. So there may be some ideas about repurposing included as well.

The Artistry in Fashion website will be updated with our current year’s vendors in early May. Be sure to come back and check it out.

Please note that for this year’s event, our featured guest’s Fashion Show has been moved to 4pm in the Theater.