We’ve been out at several career fairs and college drives for high school students lately. We were even asked to represent the fashion industry on a small panel in a breakout session for high school seniors.

Here are the main pieces of advice we passed along. We thought they might be encouraging for y’all too.

  1. Everyone’s dream job looks different. Don’t try to fit into the mold that you think you should, but instead embrace what works for you.
  2. Connect with people. Ask for help. Ask about their work. Learn what you can from others. Be gracious and most people love to share their experiences and knowledge.
  3. Very few people start in their dream job. Work hard where you are at, learn everything you can and you’ll be surprised when you realize some of your best skills and abilities came from less than glamorous jobs.
  4. Be creative outside of work or school work. Paint for fun, watch movies and dissect the costuming or merchandising because you enjoy it, not just for class projects or work.
  5. Take classes and grow your skills!