We recently checked in with Melody Liu and she wanted to share a few gems from her current job working with Janet Ghilarducci.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): What are your long term goals?

Melody Liu (ML): My main objective in life is to someday be a designer, whether it’s establishing my own brand or work for someone I truly admire. All of my plans and endeavors are to work towards that goal. I want to be able to save enough money to get my bachelors degree, and I have my eyes set on either Acedemy of Art in San Francisco or Parsons in New York.  In terms of work, I want to be able to get as much experience and knowledge as possible so I understand all aspects of the industry. Becoming a designer doesn’t mean you stop learning.

CFD: How Cañada helped you get where you are?

ML: Cañada was the second home I didn’t know I had. I hear rumors about people working the fashion industry being catty and unsympathetic, but I didn’t find any of that here. Each class I took had in-depth analysis of how garments and patterns work. Every professor emphasized the importance of fit and accuracy, as well as exploring each student’s individual creative freedom. I have applied the sewing skills I learned from school to what I do now today! I would not have the confidence to pursue my dreams if it wasn’t for my teachers support and the invaluable community who encouraged me.

CFD: What do you currently do?

ML: I currently work as a Design Assistant for Janet Ghilarducci, a local couturier who creates custom garments for private clients. We’ve also been creating production samples for a newly established designer, Julie Dorst, and we’ve recently finished her Spring 2015 collection. I have been assisting Janet with sewing and pattern making, and ensuring the patterns are clean and accurate so they can be sent to the grader, production ready. We recently moved and now share a place with Kathleen van der Spek’s studio, where I also had been assisting her with garment samples.

CFD: Is there any advice you would like to share with our students?

ML: No matter where you are in life or what kind of job you have, be humble and never stop learning. Everyone I’ve worked for has a different way of doing the same thing, and I’m fascinated by all the techniques. Even when I worked as an intern, I worked as if I was getting a million dollars a year. You never know what kind of impression you leave, and it might open up more opportunities for you.

Melody Liu