Here are some fashionable quotes to inspire you in 2015.

  • “Even Michelangelo got paid for doing the Sistine Chapel. To those artists who say they’re doing it for the love of art, I say: Get real.” Gianni Versace
  • “With fashion, you really need to understand the aspects of construction. Not just design on an iPad.” Tim Gunn
  • “The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.” Oscar de la Renta
  • “In the end I do respond to my own instincts. Sometimes they’re successful, and obviously sometimes they’re not.” Anna Wintour
  • “I think everyone shares a fear of failure – that you’re only as good as your most recent collection. That’s definitely a fear, but it’s a fear that fuels me, that makes me want to work harder, that makes me take on more challenges.” Alexander Wang
  • “Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. It’s incredible what you can learn from others who do know if you’re curious, persistent and gracious.” — Aza Ziegler, fashion designer

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