We recently caught up with Elizabeth Flick and were excited to hear how she is getting along. Here’s what she is up to in her words.

I earned the Custom Dressmaking/Small Business Orientation degree. My long term goal is to really start my own formal gown business. I love dresses: gowns, wedding dresses, all of it! I love dresses. Cañada has helped me do that by really offering such a wide variety of techniques and skills to learn. There were so many things that I learned that made it very easy for me to get a job in the sewing field.  I didn’t go straight into designing because I’d rather build the experience and skill necessary to do truly couture dressmaking and Cañada was the perfect foundation for that.

My first industry job was not at all glamorous, but that year of experience in addition to my education at Cañada got me this incredible job where I am earning enough to support my husband and I. It’s a very lucky position to be in. I am currently working full time at Neiman Marcus doing alterations! I am still learning every day. I didn’t realize just how different a set of skills construction and alteration would be, but I am working with some incredible people who are very nice and willing to teach me.

A lot of the things I needed to know for work, I had learned specifically from classes Cañada offered exclusively. The Introduction to the Fashion Industry class that took us all around San Francisco, and the Introduction to Theater Costuming class showed me a lot of the ins and outs of technical industry specifically the machines and the irons.  The Flat Pattern and Draping techniques have both been essential in creating or recreating pieces of dresses to make them properly fit customers bodies and their desires. I have had the privilege of working with everyone from local brides and beauties, to well known businesspeople, to household names (who I cannot name, of course)!

On the side, I’m still doing bridal work. I’m currently working with a bride to make her dress temple appropriate.  The nice thing about doing it as a side job is that I get to go to where the women feel most comfortable so it makes fitting and designing with them that much more exciting for both parties.

This job, while not precisely what I was looking for in the long term, is a wonderful career (and I mean career, I am working with people who have been at that Neiman Marcus for longer than I have been alive!) that will only do wonders for my skills and bolster my future plans!


Thanks, Elizabeth. Many congratulations on your achievements and we can’t wait to hear what the future holds for you!