Sometimes we have seen projects crammed into a bag, smooshed, and wrinkled. Knowing how much work goes into creating a garment and seeing things in a such a state of disarray, we thought we’d sit down with our fearless leader, Ronda Chaney, and discuss the importance of pressing. Here are Ronda’s top five tips!

  1. Good pressing is just as important as good sewing.  It is a lifting and lowering motion with the iron.  It allows the thread from the sewing machine to set into the yarns of the fabric and also removes any puckers that may have resulted from sewing the seam.
  2. “Press as you sew” because most areas cannot be properly reached after being attached to another piece.  Generally, you should press on the wrong side of the fabric.  A final touch-up may be done on the outside of the garment, but it is important to use a protective press cloth for some fabrics.  As soon as enough seams are stitched to hang it on a hanger, that is the best way to store until you are ready to sew on the garment again.
  3. Curved areas such as darts and curved seams should be pressed over curved surfaces to mold in the desired shape.  Pressing tools called a ham or seam roll are tools to use for this purpose.
  4. Make a test sample to see how your fabric reacts to pressing.  Determine proper temperature setting and compatibility with moisture.  A good steam iron is very necessary.
  5. Seams should be pressed flat on both sides before being pressed open.  Allow fabric to cool after pressing.  If handled while still warm and moist, the fabric may distort, stretch or wrinkle.

We hope these tips and techniques help your next garment look fabulous.

Please comment to let us know what other tips or techniques you might be interested in. Thank you!