We recently connected with Alda Loo, a former student to learn more about what she is up to and how her experiences in the Cañada College Fashion Design and Merchandising Department helped her get to where she is today.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): What degree did you receive from Cañada?
Alda Loo (AL): I graduated with an A.S. degree in Fashion Merchandising along with three certificates: Technical (Apparel Industry Oriented), Custom Dressmaking/Small Business, and Fashion Merchandising.

CFD: What did you do before Cañada, and what did you hope to achieve by going through the program?
AL: Before Cañada I recently graduated from high school and with my basic knowledge of sewing and fashion. I wanted Cañada to help me build my skill and craft in fashion design and to help me build my career in the fashion industry.

CFD: What are you fashion related goals and how did your time at Cañada help you achieve them?
AL: My future goals in fashion are to:

  • Be part of a successful and well establish fashion company/business [hopefully that will be my own company one day].
  • Constantly learn new techniques and build my craft in fashion design.
  • Love the career I choose to be part of and so far it is turning out that way!

How Cañada helped me achieve my goals is that Cañada’s Fashion Program really focus on the skill of design, and you really got to learn how to construct garments beautifully.  I apply what I learn at Cañada at my job at Tobi when I have to look into the construction of clothing.

Currently, I just got a job at www.tobi.com as an Assistant Merchandise Coordinator. I’ve also upgraded some of my sewing equipment because I still love to create and design my own clothing on the side.

CFD: Tell us about your job experiences since completing the fashion programs.
AL: While wrapping up my college career at Cañada, I got a job at a retail boutique shop Herve Leger.  After graduating Cañada, I still worked at Herve Leger and got promoted to management.  After, I found a great opportunity at Tobi.com where I currently work at.

CFD: What do you do in your new position at Tobi?
AL: As an Assistant Merchandiser, my main duties are making sure all the merchandise received gets push through the pipeline (production, editing, quality control) before it reaches the customers hands.

  • I analyze all the garments and put the garment’s description and specs on the website.
  • I work closely with the Tobi buyers and vendors about all the merchandise approval and help coordinate that with the receiving team.
  • I see all the new samples and help process them in our systems and put in studio to be shoot for the website.

CFD: Any additional thoughts.
AL: My whole goal in my career is to love what I do.  My persistence and focus of wanting to build my career in the fashion industry is paying off and I going where I want to go with my career and I’m happy with what I’ve achieved.  Nothing will come easy or happen instantly, but staying focus, being persistent, always learning new things, and staying humble got me closer to my goals in my career.  No matter the issues that come along whether its money or life’s hardships, the people who don’t give up will earn what they deserve.
And I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes:  Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow. –Albert Einstein

Thank you so much for your time and congratulations on your successes, Alda!