Our Entrepreneurship students were very busy this summer. In the three unit Entrepreneurship class they worked in groups to create business plans. One group used their own frustrating experiences to create a bundle of patterns and supplies to help more novice seamstresses have successful projects.

This group’s members had experienced selecting fabric unsuitable for their projects, so they created a product that took the guesswork out of fabric selection. Their first bundle offered a sewing pattern with three views and a five fabric options, as well as the other sewing notions needed to create a garment so customers could pick their favorite combination and sew a garment.

Each week the team worked to complete their mini goals in their business plan as well as learn more about the resources available to entrepreneurs.

After the course, the students said they feel much more confidence in the process of compiling a business plan and going into businesses as their own bosses.

They valued the things they learned through the process like:

  • sourcing materials and supplies,
  • finding vendors,
  • adjusting their vision as obstacles arose,
  • overcoming their fears, and
  • validation of their abilities and skills.

This group also received offers of funding for their completed plan.

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