Have you ever wondered what one our courses was like? We snuck a few pictures in the Tailoring Class recently to show you some of what happens behind the scenes.

Our classrooms and lab spaces are brightly lit, and have plenty of room for students to work.


Here is Ronda, our Department Head and Tailoring instructor, showing how to create a welt pocket. Students can gather close to see the progress. There is a great mirror over the instructor that allows students to see closer up as well. Finally, steps are also projected on the wall. Samples like this pocket are created to teach skills as students work on their own Tailored jackets throughout the course.

Good fitting is vital to a successful project. Students are coached through alterations and adjustments so that each garment fits each student’s own unique shape.

We structure our courses in a way that sets up our students for many successes in class and as they carry their skills forward.