Ashley Kan decided she was ready for a change, so she took the Beginning Clothing Construction course at Cañada College. After one class, she was hooked and is now working on her Theater Costuming Certificate. Prior to her work at Cañada, Ashley, like many of our students, had an entirely different career. She ran her own video game company with her computer science background.

This summer, Ashley took Fashion Entrepreneurship. For her group’s business plan project, they created a fictitious niche handmade puppet company. Puppets were on Ashley’s mind as she helped with a summer camp as part of her internship with local designer Jill Pillot of Ricochet and puppet making was a part of the program.

Ashley shared that puppets can be used educationally to help teach kids as well as allowing children to express their ideas and feelings. However, their Victorian-inspired puppets were more for adults in use as cosplay and parody. Ashley has a post on her site showing the evolution of their character, Fletcher. She hopes to rework their plan and create the company.

She is currently working on figuring out how to brand her puppets and what story she hopes the business tells. She has several ideas involving social media.

As Ashley finalizes out her plans, she is currently taking several courses: Tailoring, Flat Pattern, and Illustration; and she is also continuing her internship with Jill Pillot of Ricochet.

We are always amazed at what our students think up! Congratulations, Ashley on your plan and new adventures!