1. Get a private education at a public school price tag.

You could go to a private fashion institute, but why would you do that when Cañada has outstanding teachers and more classes at a fraction of the cost?

2. Get a job in fashion.

Whether you prefer to work for yourself or for an established company our graduates have a track record of success. We have close ties with local industry, giving our students many opportunities for internships and employment.

3. We offer both design and merchandising classes to round out your education.

Having a background in both fashion design and fashion merchandising can help you succeed. Both are vitally important in the industry and they work in tandem.

4. Learn by doing to experience success in school.

If you are a “hands on” learner you have come to the right place. You will learn to feel at home in our state-of-the-art sewing labs where you spend class time sewing and creating. Our teachers are recognized experts who are invested in your success and always available to support and mentor.

5. Express your creativity.

Learn about fabrics, couture techniques, and the fundamentals of design to express your creativity.

6. Celebrate your inner and outer beauty.

Design fashion-forward clothing that emphasizes your strengths and de-emphasizes flaws to build self-esteem and celebrate who you are.

7. Explore new possibilities.

Learning about Fashion Design, Theater Costuming, and Merchandising is great fun! Most students can complete their degree or certificate in two years.

We added an 8th reason on 11/14/16.



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