Don’t forget about our Merchandising Certificate. Only 18 credits are required! Visual Merchandising, a 3 credit course, will be offered by Wayne Wichern on Tuesday afternoons from 2:10-5pm. Students in the Visual Merchandising class will have the opportunity to set up displays in a variety of environments.

Here are class shots of our Spring Merchandising students’ presenting projects.

From the instructor, Wayne Wichern:

I worked for Frederick & Nelson in Seattle, WA similar to Macy’s in the visual merchandising and display department. A large 10 story block square store with departments consisting of clothing, shoes, accessories, house wares, home décor and furniture, electronics, food court, etc. I was a member of an 8 person visual display crew and my specific responsibilities were Women’s Designer Fashion and Cosmetics. This involved major designer boutiques, Ralph Lauren shops, and intermediate or bridge designers like Liz Claiborne. Interior department fashion displays, fashion mannequins and storefront fashion window displays. In addition to our individual department responsibilities the display crew was responsible for seasonal changes throughout the store; Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall and other promotional events. I also worked as a freelance visual display artist for several independent clothing stores.

For 28 years I have had my millinery design business. I sell directly to the public as well as wholesale to boutiques and galleries. When not designing and making hats I am busy photographing the hats and creating marketing materials for my website, postcards, posters and print advertising. All require strong visual merchandising skills.

What is Visual Merchandising and Display? Explore what it takes to attract attention to the designs and products designers and stores plan to sell. A vegetable and fruit display in a grocery store, elegant designer clothing in the high end shopping areas of every city, cosmetics and jewelry, cars and sporting goods, even plants in the garden store are artfully arranged to maximize attention and encourage sales.

If you are reading this blog post you are already learning to design and create garments and likely working toward a certificate or degree, now we need to look at how you will market and sell your work. Do you plan to sell in the wholesale market at trade shows or engage with a manufacturer’s rep, maybe open your own store to sell your work or work in a retail store as a buyer or merchandising professional? In all these situations visual merchandising, display and marketing will be a vital part of your fashion career.

These are a few things we will be doing in the VM&D class:

  •   Visit area stores to view different visual presentation styles and techniques
  •   Learn about professional props, mannequins (lifelike and contemporary), and store fixtures
  •   Improvise and make display props – creative “found props”
  •   Develop, create and install window and store displays at off campus locations,
  •   Develop, create and install ledge and area displays in the classroom and campus bookstore
  •   Design marketing banners and supporting materials to coordinate with displays

Whether you are designing clothing for future sale or working in a retail or wholesale environment Visual Merchandising and Display FASH 226 (3 Credits) is an important part of the Merchandising Certificate – 18 Credits – Tuesday afternoons, 2:10-5:00 PM Instructor: Wayne Wichern