We recently met up with Cañada alum, Monique Saviano, and asked her about what she has been up to.
Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): What degree or certificate did you receive?
Monique Saviano (MS): Fashion Design: Custom Dressmaking/Small Business Oriented

CFD: What did you do before Cañada?
MS: Accounting and HR which I still do. (My husband and I have a tennis court construction company)

CFD: What are your fashion goals?
MS: My original goals were to learn how to create my own patterns

CFD: How has Cañada helped you achieve those?
MS: Not only have I learned to draft my own patterns, I’ve learned about the Fashion industry business and has opened my eyes to other career options in my life. Cañada College has a wonderful fashion department with skilled, energetic and caring teachers.

CFD: Any interesting stories and tidbits about your journey?
MS: Starting out, I was just looking to learn more for my own personal enrichment. I never thought of myself as a designer, just a good dressmaker with a flair for style. The clothes and styles I liked were always so expensive, so I just made my own special ones through the years. I started taking more and more classes, and as I went through the program decided to give the business of custom dressmaking a shot. I’m not ready to dive in full time at this point and don’t think I would want to.

The ballroom dancing costumes are my next project as I have started to dance and getting ready to compete.

CFD: Please also tell us more about your experience with the Threads contests.
MS: Highlights in my sewing and design venture was winning Threads Magazine’s contests twice in a row via ASDP (Association of Sewing and Design Professionals). My first win was even featured on the cover of Threads Magazine, I was blown away. I participated in the yearly challenge five times in all, and every time was among the finalists, that felt really good.