Jose Rodriguez is currently working on his Custom Dressmaking / Small Business Degree. He aspires to also earn the Technical Apparel Industry Oriented and Fashion Merchandising Certificates as well.

This Spring, Jose worked with his former fellow student, Elena Tuck. He helped construct her latest collection. Through the experience Jose gained a lot of confidence in his ability to quickly construct garments. The foundation Cañada laid in garment construction enabled him to confidently sew Elena’s collection.

One of the highlights of his work with Elena was attending the Cala Show held at the St. Francis hotel in San Francisco. It was a networking experience where they met with buyers and other vendors and exchanged contact information and experiences about selling wholesale. Jose was also able to attend the LA Textile Show. He compared the show to our own event Artistry in Fashion in that there were a lot of vendors selling textiles. At Artistry in Fashion our vendors sell clothing, accessories, and jewelry. The LA Textile Show was held at the Mart Center located in the Fashion District. Jose met many wholesale fabric contacts. He was also able to attend a conference on Sourcing and another on Opening a Fashion Business. Jose is thrilled with all of his new knowledge about the fashion industry.

For now, Jose is working at Bloomingdales at Stanford Shopping Center and will continue finishing his degrees and certificates at Cañada. He plans to transfer to San Francisco State University. Eventually, Jose hopes to get his Master’s degree and become a fashion instructor. He would like to share with others his love for fashion.


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