It is exciting for us, when a current student ends up interning for a former student. Such is the case for Jenna Anderson and Grant Spencer. Last Fall, Jenna missed an Advanced Flat Pattern class due to an illness, but couldn’t get fashion off of her mind. She had met Grant Spencer of GTLS Designs at tutu school earlier in the year. So she decided to pick up the phone, give him a call, and ask if he was accepting interns. It turns out, Grant had been thinking about how to find an intern. He asked her to start on Friday and the rest, as they say, is history! Jenna loves this story and is eager to share it to encourage other hopeful interns to take the risk and make the call!

Jenna came to Cañada hoping to complete the Theater Costuming certificate, but now that she’s been here a bit, she’s planning on tackling all four of our certificates! When she began taking courses, she wanted to start her own tutu business. Jenna has been in classical ballet for six years. She also helped in the costume shop. She loved dancing, but loves the behind the scenes aspects like lighting and costuming a bit more. That goal has evolved. Now Jenna desires to use what she has learned from costuming and incorporate it into wearable fashion similar to designs inspired by steam punk, Zac Posen, or John Galliano. She’s still figuring out if she’d prefer to have her own business or work for someone else.

Jenna values her internship because when she talks about what she is learning in a particular class, Grant understands (since he has taken the same classes) and they can easily collaborate on ideas. Jenna loves the ability to emphasize her own personal details in her work at Cañada. She also values that perfection isn’t an expectation, but instead something for her to reach for. She knows that through her coursework she is learning how to produce quality workmanship instead of mediocre garments.

When we asked what she learned during her internship, Jenna shared quite a few gems with us. First, ultimately Grant has a business so if one step takes a minute more than it needs to, he’s got to stop and find a different way. Time management is key! The second lesson, that perfection isn’t always the answer. If something is causing you to worry too much, then something has to change and often that something is your mindset, or the emphasis you are focusing on. For example, Jenna admits to rolling her chair over tulle while on the job. Not only did Grant not freak out, he also taught Jenna how to calmly move on. That being said, Grant values quality and won’t pass off a mediocre product. Wow! Those are some great lessons to learn in life and work.

You can keep up with Jenna via her Facebook page.

Here are some images of one of the first tutus she helped create. Edited 5/7/14–Jenna added the embellishments to this tutu and top. They were purchased ready to wear.





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