We are so proud of our students and their work. Tatiana has had a rather exciting Spring. She won “People’s Choice” for her design at Discarded to Divine.

Tatiana also won a $1000 scholarship from the Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild (PenWAG)!

Tatiana is currently working on her Custom Dressmaking/Small Business and Theater Costuming Certificates. She was born in Moscow, Russia and worked in engineering before deciding to pursue fashion full-time. Tatiana hopes to open a business in the near future. She loves the way fashion can simultaneously expose and conceal. Tatiana hopes to dress her ideal client in outfits that reveal their true personalities, as well as make costumes that cover and mask people.

The outdoors and her passion for conservation inspire many of her designs. Tatiana also designs clothing and accessories that glow. She uses electroluminescent wire in her designs. She’s e even made a few garments for Burning Man!

Congratulations, Tatiana! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!


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