One of our former students, Laura Cox, stopped in to share what she is up to.

I have a teaching credential and was an elementary school teacher before I had my own kids. I decided to take some sewing classes at Cañada for fun, not thinking I was ever going to have a career doing anything. After the Introduction to the Fashion Industry Class, I started thinking that there might be a job for me out there.  I’ve done theater, historical re-enacting and costuming since high school. I have made all my costumes. I took History of Fashion and the Costuming for Theatrical Production where we made the costumes for the HMS Pinafore with Judy Jackson and just loved it. That is when I decided I wanted to do more with theater and get my degree in costuming.  I just finished the requirements for the Theater Costuming degree last semester. I have to take the Fashion Entrepreneurship Class and I will be done with the other degree [Custom Dressmaking/Small Business].  Unfortunately, I can’t take it this summer as I will be traveling to Paris. Hmm poor me!!

My fashion related goals are to work in theater as a costumer. I did my internship at Theatreworks last year and that solidified my goals. I now work at Palo Alto Children’s Theater as a costumer for in-house shows and the outreach program for the elementary schools. My additional thoughts are that the Fashion Design and Merchandising Department at Cañada College is an excellent program. It has opened my mind to new possibilities, given me confidence to pursue my dreams, and actually have a job that I really enjoy!!

We are very proud of Laura and all of our wonderful alum! Here are some images of Laura’s work at Cañada.

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