We were thrilled when Beginning Clothing Construction student, Oleg, pulled out his camera and started photographing a fellow student in her newly created T Shirt. Oleg is new to the Fashion Department, and since this is a somewhat new field for him, he hasn’t yet decided on certificates.

Oleg is a digital multimedia artist and a graphic designer, and he has taken some fashion photography in the past. Recently, he was thinking about designing jewelry, so he thought she could really use the knowledge from some of the classes that are offered in the Fashion Department. For now Oleg would like to see how he does in the Beginning Clothing Construction class, as he has never really created any garments prior to taking this class. As evidenced by Oleg’s great images, we can teach someone who has never used a sewing machine before to create a fabulous T Shirt in a matter of weeks.

Here are the shots.

Edited: 3/24 Corrected pronouns–sorry!