We’ve already touched briefly on why sustainable fashion matters.

In order to build a sustainable wardrobe, it helps to be aware of what you already have. In order to see what you currently have, we recommend cleaning out your closet.

We’ve found it it best to remove everything from your closet  and start with a clean slate.


Closet Before

First pile up everything you haven’t worn for two years. Next remove items that no longer work due to fit, color, fabric or texture, or outdated styles. Have a garage sale, donate, consign, and/or give away those items you no longer use.

Next, mend, wash, and dry clean garments that need attention.

Then, identify where your wardrobe has needs.

Another great idea is trying on your clothes and planning new outfits to wear.

Finally, put items back in your closet with a system that works for you.


The main purposes of this exercise is to analyze what you have and why in an attempt to make more careful selections in the future. Also, it seems like a very American trait is to overbuy and select quantity over quality. Perhaps, the idiom less is more isn’t so far off.

Stay tuned for our next Sustainable Fashion blog about caring for clothing to promote fiber longevity!