Sustainable fashion is important to the Cañada Fashion Department. Our current contest (open to students enrolled in the 2013-2014 school year) is based on reusing denim.

Here are some Fast Facts about American’s fashion habits that we have compiled from the book, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline.

  • Americans purchase 64 apparel items each year, on average.
  • This amounts to 20 billion garments purchased each year!
  • In 1990, 50% of the garments purchased in the US were American made.
  • Now, 2% of the garments purchased in the US are American made.
  • 41% of garments purchased in the US are now made in China.

These statistics show us that the cost in dollars of clothing is weighed more heavily than the impact on economies, the environment, and workers when making clothing purchases.

What do you think?

Merchandising Display


  • This is why I’ve made a commitment to either buy previously owned clothing and upcycle, buy from a U.S. artist,or make my own garments. Michelle Paganini

  • This will not change until Americans change their buying habits substantially. We need to value quality. Currently, we value low price and high quantity more than quality. A woman even told me, “I’d rather have lots of mediocre clothes than just a few nice ones.” Most people feel the way she does, which is why we have tons of cheap clothes. As long as we are cheap and acquisitive, sweatshops will continue, as will the damage to the environment and to the US economy.

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