Sue Reeves ended up at Cañada College after a friend from swimming shared of her experiences with the program. Though hesitant at first, after her first day in her first class, Draping with Judy Jackson, Sue knew she was going to have a lot of fun.

Sue has a Chemistry degree from UC Berkeley and came to Cañada in search of new experiences and a new career. Sue has sewn since she was a small child. Her first job, at 16, was at Steven’s Fashion Fabrics that used to be located on Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park. She started taking classes thinking she’d major in Theater Costuming as she has 20 years of experience in the study of Shakespeare. After taking a number of our courses, however, she is now about to complete her Custom Dressmaking / Small Business Certificate with plans to focus on designs inspired by the 1940’s.

When she talks about the 1940’s, and her experiences at Cañada, Sue’s face lights up. She loves the forties because of the fit of the dresses, shapes of jackets and coats, that it was a fabulous time for women, the play clothes, and the hats of era. She loves the Cañada Fashion Department because of the inspiration she finds from her instructors and fellow students, the new discoveries she makes each time she takes a class, and the connections she made in Flat Pattern even though the thought of “math” concerned her.

Here are some of the fabulous Forties inspired looks designed and created by Sue in her Cañada Fashion classes.


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  • On top of being very talented Sue is a great person to get to know. Congratulations, Sue, on all your fine garments.

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