We were able to catch up with Glenn Tojoy who graduated in Spring 2013. Here’s what he is currently up to.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): Where and what are you studying now?
Glenn Tojoy (GT): I’m at Savile Row Academy in Maurice Sedwell Tailoring House. I’m studying foundation bespoke tailoring, fitting and pattern making, re-marking, and cutting.

CFD: What certificates did you earn at Cañada College?
GT: Custom Dressmaking/Small Business and Fashion Merchandising.

CFD: How did your studies at Cañada College prepare you for your adventures in London and Tailoring?
GT: Tailoring is a very practical trade. I feel that my experience of study at the Cañada College Fashion Department was more hands-on than theoretical. Every problem and question I had was earnestly solved. The instructors were definitely experienced and knowledgeable. Cañada College is a hidden secret that helped with my clear future careerpath in the fashion industry.

CFD: What are your career goals?
GT: I want to design clothes and build a textile/suit/clothing manufacturing company.

CFD: Anything else you would like to add?
GT: The experience and studies I had at Cañada were memorable and priceless. I hope to make you all proud of your contribution to me some day. Thank you!

Thanks, Glenn, for sharing your story with us. And you already do make us proud! Here are a few images of Glenn and his work while he was a student at Cañada College.



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