We spoke recently with Lynda Maynard who teaches: Lingerie, Pants Drafting, Pants Construction, Copying Ready-to-Wear, Bustier, and French Pattern Drafting.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): How long have you been teaching at Cañada?
Lynda Maynard (LM): 8 years.

CFD: In addition to teaching Cañada fashion students, what do you do fashion related?
LM: I teach online and at other schools for classes and private groups,  I  have  written  2  books  and  I  am  a  regular  contributor  for  “Stitch”  magazine. I  still  do  a  small  amount  of  private  work.

CFD: We enjoyed your book, The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques. Are there any other books in the works?
LM: Possibly…

CFD: A lot of your courses focus on fit. What is your fit philosophy?
LM: My  basic  belief  is  that  all  women  (and  men)  can  look  stunning  if  their  clothes  fit  properly.  Embrace  the  body  you  have  and  clothe  it  with  well  fitting  garments  that  flatter  your  figure.  I  don’t  consider  myself  a  fit  expert, I  am  still  learning  and  I  make  many  mistakes.

CFD: What is the most rewarding thing about teaching Cañada students?
LM: Definitely, the  broad  smiles  of  gratitude  when  a  student  arrives  at  a  well  fitting,  comfortable  garment.

CFD: Can you tell us a little about your education and how you came to be doing what you do?
LM: When  I  was  about  15,  I  had  2  mentors.  One  woman  was  a  beautiful  sewist  and  she  made  extraordinary  garments.  She  used  very  high  end  fabrics  and  beautiful  colors,  but  her  garments  were  not  body  conscious.  My  other  mentor  fit  beautifully,  but  her  construction  skills  were  lacking.  It  was  at  this  time  that  I  decided  fit  mattered, and  I  was  on  my  way.

As  for  education,  I  have  a  degree  in  Home  Economics.  My  real  education  began  after  college  as  I  worked  with  people  who  desired  well  fitting  clothes.  I  don’t consider  myself  an  expert,  but  I  do  have  many,  many  years  of  experience.  One  gets  better  as  one  devotes  more  time  to  any  discipline.
Thank you, Lynda, for sharing!

Lynda Maynard


  • Lynda is a wonderful teacher. I’ve taken several classes from her over the years and she is just so generous at sharing all the incredible knowledge that she has accumulated.

  • I love taking Lynda’s classes!! I always learn something new about fit or construction. I’ve taken all her classes available at Cañada though, so I wish she would have some more classes to take!! 🙂

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