Andrew Nguyen was  a student at Cañada through the Spring 2012 semester. He created fabulous work and even took first place in a re-purposed contest we had in conjunction with Artistry in Fashion. Here is a small selection of his work from Cañada.


Andrew then traveled to New York City and spent the 2012-2013 school year working on the FIT Fashion Design one year AAS degree. The intensive program required about 7 classes a semester and they were all fashion classes. Andrew mentioned that, “Luckily I took many of the sewing classes at Canada, so I was able to take what I learned already and hone my skills.” He particularly enjoyed two draping classes: a soft silhouettes and structured silhouettes class that he took in his first semester.

Andrew continued to excel and was able to get his design on display for the the Fall 12 exhibition where the chair of the program, Valerie Steele, and industry critics judge student work. Here are some images of his work.


Andrew is currently interning with a brand management company called MAST Global. MAST Global creates designs and produces garments for clients that are large mass market stores. A lot of them you can find at the local mall. Andrew admits that there is not a lot of designing there but he really wanted to learn the business side of fashion before moving on.

Andrew is hoping to transition from a student in NYC to a resident. He mentions that it is a pretty tough place to live financially. He saved some money before going to school, took out loans, and relies on the internship to stay afloat. Even coming from the SF Bay area, Andrew laments that the rent in New York City is crazy and everything else is a little more expensive. Despite the negatives, Andrew likes the energy and creativity in New York, and that is why he continues to stay.

Andrew aspires to be a draper and creative director. He wants the ability to be creative and design things that he has never seen and only he can think of. Although, he realizes from the business standpoint that is not always a possibility.

You can check out Andrew’s online portfolio or connect with him here.

We can’t wait to see how Andrew Nguyen evolves as a designer. Thanks, Andrew, for staying in touch!

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