A few of us ventured into Palo Alto to check out the exhibit Fiber to Fabric: A History of American Textile Production at the Museum of American Heritage. It is a great exhibit with plenty to touch, and a few things to only view. It would be perfect for anyone taking Textiles in the Fall or anyone with any interest in Textiles.

The museum is gorgeous and free. They are only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am-4pm. The museum is located at 351 Homer Avenue in Palo Alto,CA. The exhibit runs through August 25 so go soon!

From the museum,

This exhibition at the Museum of American Heritage presents the history of textile production in the United States from homespun of colonial times through mass-production in the industrial age.  Historic artifacts and textiles illustrate the story of wool, linen and cotton from cultivation to finished cloth.

Fiber to Fabric highlights the processes and technologies our forbearers used to grow, dye, spin, and weave natural fibers into cloth. Displays of historic tools, machines, and textiles including looms, spinning wheels, sewing machines, quilts and embroidery will guide the visitor through the fabric of America’s past.

The exhibit explores the importance of industrialized textile manufacturing from the cotton plantations of the south to the textile mills of New England and their pivotal role in the history of American society.

For younger visitors, hands-on activities include quilt block making and weaving.