We were so excited to be approached by Christine Morse, Cañada student and the community service coordinator for the local American Sewing Guild (ASG) chapter, about The Grateful Garment Project.

The Grateful Garment Project is for sexually abused and rape victims when they are processed through the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). Their clothes are taken from them for forensic evidence, leaving them to go home in thin paper hospital gowns. The Grateful Garment Project supplies pajama bottom pants and T-shirts to go home in instead of the hospital gowns.

So far, we have 24 students volunteering to make a pair of pants in addition to their other class projects for this cause. We are pleased to be included to in this project. Many thanks goes to Christine Morse, who has coordinated this project and the many students who are sewing the pants.


  • Thank you everyone; students and faculty, for joining me in support of this worthy cause. More fabric and supplies are on the way.

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