This is a multi-part series about our Merchandising Program at Cañada College. See Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

One of our Merchandising professors is Edith Schneider. Professor Schneider was trained in Germany and started her business shortly after she moved to the US, over 15 years ago. Ms. Schneider started out working in a small studio in her home. Her first sales venues included several juried and wholesale shows. Edith found that the travel was too exhausting to maintain, in addition to running her business and raising her two children.

She then opened her own store and studio at Allied Arts in Menlo Park. Shortly she contracted with a Cañada student to sew for her line. Edith then joined the Cañada Fashion Department’s Advisory Board, and later joined as a Merchandising professor. Through all of her experiences, Ms. Schneider hopes that she can make a difference to her students that are in that transition phase in their lives to find the right way into the fashion world.

This past year, Edith moved her store, blue lemon :: art to wear, to Carmel-by-the-Sea. She continues to teach Merchandising at Cañada College.