Melody Liu decided that the Custom Dressmaking and Small Business Certificate from Cañada Fashion Department would prepare her to reach her goal of becoming a designer. She came to Cañada after completing her degree in Product Development at FIDM.

As part of her studies, Melody has interned with both Ricochet Wearable Art by Jill Pillot and Kathleen Van Der Spek.

Prior to the internship, she expected she would learn more about work in the Fashion Industry. Not only do did she want to learn how to construct garments–which she does through Cañada’s classes, she also wanted to know how a business was run.

Melody ended up experiencing so many different things in both of her internships. It opened her mind to how designers have their own specialty and style, and their work ethics definitely rubbed off on her. She has been using upcycled materials to construct clothing, which she learned from Jill. Likewise, she is now comfortable sewing knits and creating knit patterns because of Kathleen.

Melody says, “I’ve learned so much from the wonderful teachers and assistants in the Cañada Fashion Department. It’s a great friendly community, and I’m blown away by the student’s work and everybody’s willingness to help. It definitely boosts my self-esteem!”