This is a multi-part series about our Merchandising Program at Cañada College. See Part I here.

Edith Schneider

Edith Schneider, one of our Merchandising professors was able to travel to Magic in Las Vegas earlier this year. She took in the show as a retailer, designer, and educator. She chose to go to Magic because:

Fashion is the fastest changing industry and with all those changes there are constantly new developments. As a professor you have to be on top of the game. I want to teach the newest information to my students, not what had happened yesteryear!

Magic has a separate educational seminar program called Sourcing@Magic where Ms. Schneider took a lot of seminars. She enjoyed the classes and felt like her syllabus was right on target with what is happening today in the fashion industry.

Edith appreciated that big industry leaders like Calvin Klein, UGG, JCPenney, and Walmart were there along with small businesses like hers. Together, they discussed how outsourcing and manufacturing in Asia, mostly China, will have to end sooner or later. “What happens next, when, and why?” Professor Schneider wondered. The seminars gave many different insights to those questions. The current tendency to rely on global sourcing to Asia is shifting because a lot of factories in Asian countries had not taken care of minimum wages, human rights, child labor laws, etc which would make products much less expensive to produce. Now that the western world is more aware of those issue they are putting pressure on Asian governments and manufacturers to improve conditions for laborers. With increased rights, comes increased costs for manufacturing.

Right on cue, is this article from CNN that is discussing how manufacturing is a growing industry in the US.

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