Shelley Stevens decided to make a career change after she was literally bored to tears in her previous job as an accountant. She decided to change her course and is currently working on her Technical and Custom Dress Making certificates at Cañada College.

In addition to aiding for the Cañada Fashion Department, Shelley is currently taking advantage of an internship opportunity at Lori Markman/Urban Style Showroom.

Before starting her internship, Shelley hoped to  gain more knowledge of how wholesale and on the road sales operate. She also wanted to gain more knowledge about how a company like TOMS operates.

Shelley has been in her internship for over a semester now and credits the experience with teaching her about wholesale sales, how tradeshows work with reps and buyers, and about TOMS and how their ordering, pop, and advocates programs work.

Shelley offers the following recommendation to other students. “Taking hold of any internship/opportunity while you’re in school is the smartest thing you could do for your career. It’s a small move in your game of chess.”