Rep Display

In the Spring, our department chair Ronda Chaney, takes students all over the city to show them what the local fashion industry looks like. They spend time with designers, contractors, manufacturers, manufacturer reps, and small, medium, and large businesses.

Our students learn so much during this course, Introduction to the Fashion Industry. Here’s what a few of our 2013 students had to say:

  • I learned the value of pattern making.
  • Take baby steps and choose to view unfortunate incidents as happy mistakes.
  • Every person/business does not follow the same trajectory. Ultimately the importance of a solid business background is key.
  • The realities of the industry and what it will take for me to be successful.
  • The options for roles and career paths in the fashion industry.
  • I appreciate the devotion and dedication this designer puts in his craft.
  • Connecting with a specific company and realizing this is the job I want to do.
  • This changed my vision for my own career ambitions. I am much more aware of the struggles that I will encounter than I previously was.
  • Treating your customer with great care and compassion is so helpful in business success.

Recently The SF Examiner posted this article about the local fashion industry and how San Francisco is working hard to build up the local fashion industry again. Also, the San Francisco Bay Guardian posted this article about the local fashion industry.


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