Have you ever thought about your sewing shears? Most designers have special shears just for fabric. Regardless of care, all scissors will eventually get dull. What do you do with them then?

Cañada is lucky enough to have Stretch and Sew come at the beginning of each semester bringing quality interlock and jersey for the Beginning Clothing Construction students. This means the students have access to quality and appropriate material for their knit projects. Using the right material makes sewing anything much, much easier.

Stretch and Sew’s expertise in scissor sharpening is well-loved by the students and faculty. Not only do they sharpen scissors, Stretch and Sew also enjoys sharing the process. You can determine how dull a pair of scissors is by simply looking at the blade. The more the light is reflected by the blade, the duller the scissors are.

Not everyone has access to Stretch and Sew, so another avenue for quality scissor sharpening is your local hardware store.

Scissor Sharpening


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