Meet Kelly Bennett who believes that an internship is a great learning opportunity. Kelly has interned for Giselle Shepatin and presently is at Dark Garden. For Dark Garden, a boutique specializing in corsets and bustiers, she has drafted glove patterns, sewn applique and a wedding gown train, and drafted skirt patterns for the Edwardian Fashion Show. Kelly is watching all that goes on in producing the fashion show which is an enriching experience to witness.

Kelly did pattern drafting for Giselle Shepatin, a garment designer, when a new design was created. Giselle was able to give Kelley some on-hand experience in a small production environment. Interpreting designs into a pattern is a skill that requires communication, and the knowledge of how garments are assembled.

Kelly is the star scholarship recipient for the Cañada College Fashion Deptartment. Kelly’s career goal is Pattern Drafting for designers. In this image, she is wearing a skirt and jacket that she designed and sewed for her Tailoring Class during the Fall 2012 semester. She will have finish the Custom Dressmaking, Technical, and Theater Costuming Certificates in May 2013.